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Power Plant Performance Monitoring

Power Plant Performance Monitoring

Author:Rodney R Gay; Carl A Palmer and Michael R Erbes
ISBN 13:9788188305834
Subject:Science and Technology

About the Book

Contents: Foreword. 1. Overview of performance monitoring. 2. Heat balance analysis. 3. Data validation. 4. Accuracy of calculated results. 5. Overall power plant performance. 6. Impacts of degradation on overall plant performance. 7. Gas turbine performance. 8. Heat recovery steam generator performance. 9. Steam turbine performance. 10. Boiler performance. 11. Air heater performance. 12. Feedwater heater performance. 13. Deaerators, drums and open heaters. 14. Condenser performance. 15. Cooling tower performance. 16. Inlet and exhaust pressure losses. 17. Pump performance. References and links. Nomenclature. Appendix Definition of terms. "Power Plant Performance Monitoring is a compilation of analytic methods to evaluate power plant performance and determine the degradation of major power plant equipment. The methods used for performance test calculation (such as the ASME performance test code procedures) are reviewed, but the focus of the book is on the detailed heat balance analysis and expected equipment performance predictions. These more detailed methods are the essential building block that enable on-line performance monitoring systems to evaluate degradation with repeatable precision. Power plant performance monitoring explains the following topics: Basic concept of performance monitoring. Curve-based methods. Heat balance methods. Using commercial equation solvers. Using commercial heat balance codes. Data validation. Accuracy of results. Expected performance. Corrected performance. Impact of equipment degradation on plant performance. Includes detailed methods to evaluate degradation in these types of equipment: Gas turbines. Boilers. Heat recovery steam generators. Steam turbines. Condensers. Feedwater heaters. Air heaters. Inlet air filters. Pumps. Cooling tower. Overall power plants. The methods in this book are presented in sufficient detail to enable readers to construct useful customized performance monitoring calculations for their power plants."