Edited by Dr Indrajit Roy Chowdhury
  • ISBN : 9789391139216
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Population, Development and Environmental Sustainability are the most relevant matter of discussion in today's context. Dynamism of population has made a direct impact on development and environmental issues. Thus the impact of population growth on environment and its implication for survival is an important domain of research. Development can only be pursued if population size is under control in connection with spatio-temporal development within the sustainable environmental framing. It is an evidential fact that, uncontrolled rate of population growth has made the negative impact on environment which has led to the disruption of natural cycle of environment and it may creates hindrance to the development from the perspective of global as well as national platform. Therefore, it is the perfect time to discuss the several aspects of population dynamics in connection with balanced development and sustainable environment in the field of Geo-Environmental perspective. This book is mostly focused on various dimensions of population dynamics and its relation with development and environment followed by some relevant case studies irrespective of Indian Context. Therefore this book would help to undergraduate and postgraduate students, research scholars and teaching fraternities from different educational institutions. However the aim of this relevant book would also helpful to policy makers and environmental planners for further systematic planning.