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Population, Development and Environment

Population, Development and Environment

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Author:Edited by C.M. Lakshmana
ISBN 13:9788131609422
Subject:Anthropology and Sociology/Population/Demography

About the Book

Contents: Section I: Population, Poverty and Environment. 1. Human capabilities and sustainable development goals: in search of a sustainable framework for population-environment-development nexus/Protap Mukherjee. 2. Shrinking agricultural land, food security and rural livelihood in India: policy issues/Rajendra Poddar. 3. Population growth and environmental degradation: a sustainability approach/M. Balasubramanian. 4 The linkages of population, poverty and environmental vulnerability: a study in the drought-prone region of Madhugiri Taluk of Tumkur District/B.H. Doddahanumaiah. Section II: Development versus Environment. 5. Linkages of environment and sustainable development pattern in Nagaland/Vyasan R. 6. Development versus environment: a case of industrialization (Bauxite Mining) in Koraput Region of Odisha/M. Gopinath Reddy. 7. Living environment and its impact on socio-economic vulnerability and well-being of the slum dwellers: a case study of Delhi/Pravin Kumar Shukla. 8. Is tourism a complimentary factor in sustainable urban growth or is it degrading the environment? Study in Karnataka/Ananya Mitra B. Section III: Urban Growth and Environment. 9. Land use change and land acquisition: insight into an enamouring development/Animesh Roy. 10. Intra-city variation in urban growth, migration and its impact on standard of living: a case study of Kolkata Metropolis/Anuradha Banerjee. 11. Impact of urban growth, land use changes on socio-economic vulnerability in the East Kolkata Wetland: an assessment through sustainable livelihood approach/Mala Mukherjee. 12. Dynamics of urban growth, resource degradation and its/impact on environment: evidence in million plus cities of India/C.M. Lakshmana. India has a vast extent of land, forest and rich variety of biodiversity. Its wide agro-climatic regions have supported expansion of human and animal populations through ages. However, economic development in India has been accompanied by certain amount of avoidable environmental damage for want of long term vision and planning. However, both proximate and ultimate causes influenced the environment in the post-liberalization period too. In view of this, the present edited volume comprises 12 research papers broadly highlighting the interrelated aspects of population, development and environment, which helps to policy implications at different levels in order to mitigate the environmental pollution for the sustainable development. The first part of the book ‘Population, Poverty and Environment’ examines the land use change, migration and industrialization impact on environment. The next part of the book ‘Development and Environment’ tries to analyze the development impact on environment. The last part of the book deals with the nexus between urban growth and its negative impact on environment which includes land use change and its socio-economic vulnerability on environment.