POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY OF SRI AUROBINDO: Nationalism and Internationalism
Richa Tiwari
  • ISBN : 9788131611593
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Amidst the present world-consciousness that is conflicted between the ideals of exclusive-nationalism, nationalism and internationalism, there is also a pressing need to establish a harmonious global order. This book attempts to trace the growth of the various human collectivities, beginning from small social units, political unities, empires, federations, confederations, ideals of nation-building and finally to the vision of Internationalism by establishing Human Unity. It shows why and how unity has been one of the most cherished ideals of humanity. However, very importantly it differentiates the concept of ‘unity’ and ‘uniformity’. It also brings forth the dangers that are inherent in uniformity in view of the Ideal Law of Human Development towards creating a New World Order. It would therefore engage students of political philosophy who want to understand Nationalism and Internationalism from the unique perspective of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy of Spiritual Evolution. The contemporary relevance of this work lies in the distinction that Sri Aurobindo makes between ‘national-ego’ and ‘national-soul’. He focuses on the idea of diversity both as a tool of unification, as well as variation. It has become clear that mere intellectualism, superficial economic and political reforms and other external conditions have been short of creating the desired change needed for establishing a complete or real unity. This book seeks to revisit the growth of concepts like philosophy of Indianness, Nationalism, Internationalism and Human Unity in the light of theories extended by Sri Aurobindo and thereby aims to present a more relevant and functional aspect of the same by maintaining that the delight of existence lies in embracing the diversity and relentlessly working towards spiritual evolution of mankind. CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Philosophy of Indianness 3. Philosophy and Yoga of Sri Aurobindo 4. Contemporary Debate on Indian Nationalism 5. Sri Aurobindo on Nationalism: A Critique of Contemporary View on Indian Nationalism 6. The Philosophy of Internationalism 7. The New World-Order 8. The Ideal Law of Human Development