Plant Diversity in the Himalaya Hotspot Region (A Volume to Celebrate the Completion of University Service of Dr Abhaya Prasad Das) Volume 1.
Edited by Abhaya Prasad Das and Subir Bera
  • ISBN : 9788121109468
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Volume I: Section I. Overview: Himalayan Plant Diversity: 1. Plant diversity in Indian Himalayan regions: an overview/P. Singh and S. S. Dash. Section II. Flora: Extant: 2. Conspectus of algal diversity in Sikkim/Jai Prakash Keshri and Debjyoti Das. 3. Liverwort and hornwort diversity in Indian Himalayan region/D. K. Singh. 4. Fungal diversity with special reference to wood decaying fungi in India: status, conservation and prospects/Manoj Kumar, N. S. K. Harsh and Rajendra Prasad. 5. Diversity of gymnosperms in the Himalayan region: analyzing its cascading affluences, representativeness and life supporting values/Shweta Singh, Durgesh Kumar Tripathi and Devendra Kumar Chauhan. 6. Gymnosperms diversity of the Himalaya biodiversity hotspot/Rita Singh, Jayita Biswas and Sunita Bisht. 7. Notes on the alpine flora of Arunachal Pradesh, including several species new to India/Pankaj Bharali, A. K. Das and Magnus Liden. 8. Notes on Corydalis DC. (Papaveraceae) in Eastern Himalaya with one species new to India/Magnus Liden. 9. The Genus Rhododendron L. (Ericaceae) in North-East India/Ashiho Asosii Mao. 10. The genus Anaphalis DC. (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) in Nepal Himalaya/Sheetal Vaidya, Lokesh R. Shakya and Arun K. Pandey. 11. Orchid diversity and their conservation in Nepal: an overview/Lokesh R. Shakya. 12. The genus Acer L. (Sapindaceae) in Darjiling-Sikkim Himalayas/Dorjay Lama, Saurav Moktan and A. P. Das. Section III. Flora: Extinct: 13. Past vegetation from the Central Himalaya/Khum N. Paudayal. 14. Neogene flora of Arunachal Himalaya/R.C. Merhotra and Gaurav Srivastava. 15. Lower Gondwana palaeofloristics in Eastern Himalaya – a review/Ashalata D’Rozario and Subir Bera. Section IV. Vegetation Structure: Through Remote Sensing: 16. Vegetation response to climate change in Himalayan hill ranges: a remote sensing perspective/Reshma M. Ramachandran and P. S. Roy. 17. Landscape level plant diversity characterization in Indian Himalayan region/Arijit Roy and S. P. S. Kushwaha. 18. Forest change monitoring and biodiversity characterization using remote sensing in the Indian Himalaya/Gaurav Srivastava, C. Sudhakar Reddy and C. S. Jha.