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Plant-Biotech: Agriculture and Life Science

Plant-Biotech: Agriculture and Life Science

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Author:Mousmi S Hashmi, Harpal Singh and Somdutt Tripathi
ISBN 13:9789391063467
Subject:Botanical Science/Biodiversity

About the Book

Contents: 1. Introduction and Scope of Biotechnology 2. Genetic Engineering in Plants 3. DNA Vectors for Plant Transformation 4. Genetic Transformation and Hybridization Techniques 5. Plant Tissue Culture and their History 6. Tissue Culture Techniques and Importance in Crop Improvement 7. Micropropagation 8. Production of Haploid Plants 9. Ovule Culture 10. Embryo Culture 11. Somaclonal Variation in Crop Improvement 12. QTL Mapping 13. Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)