PESTS OF FRUIT CROPS IN KASHMIR: An Illustrated Colour Handbook
Shahid Ali Akbar, Desh Beer Singh, Javid Iqbal Mir, Aijaz Ahmad Wachkoo and Aamir Maqbool
  • ISBN : 9789390435760
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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On the onset the book provides overview on the main horticultural fruit crops of the Kashmir region (India) with details on production, productivity across various districts of the region and a comparison with the global standards. Pest spectrum of these major crops is then discussed as one of their major constraints on production; similar pest associations can also be found throughout the temperate region of India, and some of these pests even pose serious problems on fruit crops worldwide. Major pest species are illustrated, described and detailed for their economic losses, nature of damage, seasonality and management strategies. Illustrations provided in the book will serve as an essential reference source for professionals, extension workers, consultants, scientists, students, fruit growers and private gardeners. Some of the most prevalent natural enemies are also detailed in order to promote their effective usage in any future biological control program. A tabulated account of the known major, minor and emerging pest species as well as the account of all the prevalent natural enemies is provided based on both the critical review of the scientific literature, and data generated by the authors from various field surveys. Contents: Contents: Preface. 1. Major fruit crops of the Kashmir region. 2. Major insect pests associated with the regional fruit crops. 3. Other associated pest species. 4. Biological control. 5. Insects as biocontrol agents. 6. Other predators. 7. Rational approach. References. Index.