People’s Linguistic Survey of India Volume Six Part Two The Languages of Bihar
Edited b G N Devy and Vibha S Chauhan
  • ISBN 13 : 9789354422041
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Bihar is one of the larger, more populous states in what is popularly known as the ‘Hindi belt’ of India. There is close contact between the languages of Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha as there has always been an intermingling of culture, language and literature among these states. This has significantly enhanced the linguistic diversity of Bihar. This volume of the People’s Linguistic Survey of India, The Languages of Bihar (volume six, part two), discusses the Tribal, Scheduled and Non-Scheduled languages spoken in the state, with special emphasis on the tribal languages. Contents: The People’s Linguistic Survey of India The National Editorial Collective List of Volumes Acknowledgements Foreword A Nation Proud of Its Language Diversity: Chief Editor’s Introduction Introduction to the Volume Contributors to the Volume An Appeal to Readers List of Languages Covered in this Volume Abbreviations PART I: SCHEDULED LANGUAGES 1. Hindi Hindi Language in Bihar: A Brief History – Vibha S. Chauhan Hindi Literature in Bihar—Vimal Kumar (Translated by Vibha S. Chauhan) The Development of Hindi in Bihar—Abhijeet Singh (Translated by Vibha S. Chauhan) 2. Maithili Maithili—Vibha S. Chauhan Maithili in the Lore of the ‘Folk’—Dev N. Pathak Language Politics in Bihar: A Case Study of Maithili Language and the Movement—Mithilesh Kumar Jha Maithili—Ramawatar Yadav 3. Nepali—Samar Sinha and Balaram Pandey 4. Santali Santali—Vibha S. Chauhan Linguistic Features of Santali—Nishaant Choksi 5. Urdu—Ehtisham Akhtar (Translated by Vibha S. Chauhan) PART II: NON-SCHEDULED LANGUAGES 6. Angika—Ramesh Mohan Sharma ‘Atmavishwas’ (Translated by Prashant Mishra) 7. Bajjika Bajjika—Musafir Baitha (Translated by Vibha S. Chauhan) On the Linguistic Resources of Bajjika—Abhishek Kumar Kashyap 8. Bhojpuri—Vibha S. Chauhan 9. Magadhi/Magahi Magahi—Vibha S. Chauhan Magahi—Uday Shankar Sharma (Translated by Vibha S. Chauhan) Magahi Grammar—Vibha S. Chauhan 10. Surjapuri—Vibha S. Chauhan PART III: TRIBAL LANGUAGES 11. Asuri—Vibha S. Chauhan 12. Birhor—Vibha S. Chauhan 13. Ho—Damyanti Sinku 14. Korwa—Hari Oraon 15. Kurukh/Kudukh—Hari Oraon and Shanti Khalkho 16. Mal Pahariya Mal Pahariya—Vibha S. Chauhan Mal Pahariya—Vishnu Dehri, Jay Prakash Dehri and Ehtesham Ahmad 17. Mundari—Bisheshwar Munda and Birendra Kumar Soy Bibliography Index LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES