Patna: A Paradise Lost (Saga of a 2500 Year Old City from Ajatshatru to Present Day Patna) Paperback
Navneet Sahay Foreword by Nirmal Verma
  • ISBN 13 : 9781946204530
  • year : 2016
  • language :
  • binding :
Barring a few like Athens, Rome, Instanbul, Jeusalem and Damascus, not many big cities of modern world can boast of a 2500 year old history behind them. This book is a saga of the 2500 year long journey of Patna, its rise , decline and how she rose once again from a small port hamlet Pattan during Buddha to a fortress city at the time of great Magadhan king Ajatshatru which was later passed on to Chandragupta Maurya who converted this city into a marvelous magic in wood and brick with elegant palaces gates and watchtowers. Then came Ashoka who created the magnificent sixty-four pillared Mauryan Hall and a palace. This book takes you on the journey of this city from Ajastshatru to the Guptas to Shershahand Mirquassim to the Dutch and The British crown who all contributed and created something to make this city become a great city of artisanship culture, knowledge and art. This book is also about the people of Patna, its hotels, restaurants, movie halls and so on. But the sad part is Patna lost most of its iconic sprawling bungalows that were adorned by front lawns or gardens to earthquakes or building booms and in the present time the pace of this loss has gained speed. This book is also a story of the pain of this city...what Patna has lost in this great journey. Sometimes I see Patna as an ageing grandmother, who one by one bids adeu to her children and grandchildren leaving her; standing alone in her front porch .