Past Lives Quantum Lives: A Journey through Time with Hypnotic Regression/Regressive Hypnosis
Federica Brambilla
  • ISBN : 9788184541786
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Rs 195
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Contents: Foreword Introduction 1. Cristiano And I, A Journey in Time 2. Quantum Space-Time and Previous Life 3. Black Holes Connect with Past Lives and White Holes with Future Lives 4. The Fear of Loving and Letting Go 5. The Fear of Solitude 6. The Scission Within Oneself and Within the Couple 7. The Struggle to Express Oneself 8. Devotion, Honesty and Righteousness 9. Past Lives Narrated by a Child 10. The Progression in Hannah`s Future and the Cosmic Energy-Hannah`s Progressionâ?¦ 11. Among the Many Questions 12. Conclusion Acknowledgements `My faith is in Christ: Master of path, truth and life. That first seminar changed my life, widened my spiritual dimension and changed my clinical practice. The people who came into my studio opened me to the contact with the eternal soul, with which we can get in touch through regression. At first, the patients were mostly of Christian religion, then Buddhists also came, believers of other faiths and atheists: they all wanted to get in touch with their souls through a search path that is complementary to the traditional one of care and treatment, to give meaning to the pain and tests that life continuously threw at them. With them I started my journey and, thanks to the desire to share their own experience, I can tell you about our work experience. Thanks to all and... thank you Elena!`