Past Forward : 1878 & Counting. A Reincarnation Memoir (In the 100 Year of Sunder Mahal & Ram Pyari Mahal)
Amrita Uppal Lamba
  • ISBN : 9788193761809
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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My book is a memoir of my father's reincarnation saga spanning his two lives covering the 1900s till present. I grew up listening to his remnants of recollections which fortuitously found substantive evidence after a period of 93 years, when I happened to trace his previous life family members. We met, connected and everything that my father had ever spoken about was validated and accepted. I had heard from my father how wealthy he had grown up to be, but none had prepared me to discover the kind of person my father carried. So much so, a century down, the locals in Dinga, now in West Pakistan, revere him and are interested to learn about him and his family. The properties that he built are heritage properties there. Finding myself in such a rare and privileged situation where I could not only validate his reincarnation after 90 long years but also get full documented support from his descendants, newspaper clippings and Dinga residents, compelled me to share his story with the world. The treatment given to the book is an engaging and a deliberate one, while not losing its focus on establishing that 'reincarnation is a reality'. I wish to leave it to the reader to take away as much and whatever he may wish to from the contents painstakingly research and authenticated. For the curious reader, it provides enough of material herein for him to reflect and ponder over the phenomenon of reincarnation; for a person looking for a breezy book to read en route, it folds in enough of all the 'masala' ingredients of a potboiler - The story has intrigue, lust, greed, wealth, murder, mystery; whereas, for the serious reader, a researcher, the in-depth case study provides for enough fodder for him to chew on.