Param Vir Vikram Batra: The Sher Shah of Kargil
G. L. Batra
  • ISBN : 9789384038977
  • year : 2016
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Captain Vikram Batra pushed aside his colleague telling him that he had a family and took the bullet himself. Capt. Batra acheived martyrdom on 7 July 1999 fighting for his country during the Kargil War. Despite heavy odds and the most difficult terrain, Vikram displayed exemplary personal bravery and leadership to recapture Point 5140 and Point 4875. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously. Vikram was 24 years old. In Param Vir Vikram Batra: The Sher Shah of Kargil, Vikram?s father, GL Batra, chronicles his son?s life and relives his memories. He attempts to inspire generations and highlight the rigorous lives of men in uniform.provoking, as for the first time in history, a loving father, Rahul, tells his son, ?It?s okay to fail, my son.? Rahul?s words to his son startle the people around him; he is also accused of being irresponsible! But he has a different end in mind: he is preparing his son for greater and permanent success, the transformation from being mediocre to a genius! This book reflects the emotions of every loving father towards his child... on the path lit by love and sacrifice. It is a journey which converts pressure to passion, fear to flight of success. For his son, as well as for millions of children across the nation and the globe - a journey of faith and belief. This novel describes a journey, whose destination was doubted by everyone, except Rahul, who set out and charted the path so far unexplored.