ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXTS ON THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE OF INDIA THEIR RELIGION AND INSTITUTION (Collected, Translated and Illustrations) 5 Volumes Set (Repr, first published in 1890)
J Muir
  • ISBN : 9788172682590
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Volume One Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the Origin of Caste with an Enquiry into its Existence in the Vedic Age Isbn 9788172682606 Volume Two Inquiry Whether the Hindus are of Trans-Himalayan Origin, and akin to the Western Branches of the Indo-European Race isbn 9788172682613 Volume Three The Vedas: Opinions of their Authors of Later Indian Writers on their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority isbn 9788172682620 Volume Four Comparison of the Vedic with the later Representations of the Principal Indian Deities isbn 9788172682637 Volume Five Contributions of a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age isbn 9788172682644