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Ore Geology, Economic Minerals And Mineral Economics Volume Two

Ore Geology, Economic Minerals And Mineral Economics Volume Two

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Author:S K Tiwari
ISBN 13:9788126914012

About the Book

Economic minerals are minerals of commercial value. Limestone, gypsum, phosphoric ore and marble are amongst important economic minerals as are various types of building stones. Economic mineral deposits consist of every gradationfrom bulk materials or aggregates, in which most of the rock or mineral is of commercial valueto deposits of precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) from which only a few ppm (or ppb in the case of diamond desposits) are separated and sold. This textbook in 2 volumes is based on various economic minerals and deals with Ore Geology and Economic Minerals as well as Mineral Economics. The subject matter of Vol. 1 is divided into three sections for focused study. Section A Resources/Mineral Resources provides general information about our mineral resources, while Section B Ore Geology describes in sufficient detail, ore formation periods, ore genesis, ore fluids, forms, modes, structures, tectonics and mineralization, secondary sulphide deposits, etc. Section C Economic Minerals consists of comprehensive discussions on deposits of diamond, gold, iron, manganese, tin, tungsten, copper, lead, zinc, bauxite, mica, limestone and phosphorite. Vol. 2 of the book is comprised of sections D, E and F. Keeping in view the development in marine science as well as increasing concerns for environment, ocean resources, manganese nodules and forest resources have been specially considered in Section D Ocean and Forest Resources. Section E Mineral Economics encompasses classification norms for mineral deposits, geo-statistics, criteria for mineral exploration and investment, ore microscopy, processing, etc. Legal provisions, national mineral policy and mineral conservation have also been included along with ocean/sea policy and forest policy. Section F Mineral Based Industries describes in detail iron and steel, aluminum, cement, fertilizer, refractory and abrasive industry need. The book is meant for the students, teachers and researchers of Geology, Geography,