ORCHIDS OF INDIA: A Pictorial Guide
Sunil Kumar Singh, Dinesh Kumar Agrawala, Jeewan Singh Jalal, Sudhansu Sekhar Dash, Ashiho Asosii Mao and Paramjit Singh
  • ISBN : 9788193475836
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Orchids of India: A Pictorial Guide presents an updated census of Indian orchids with updated nomenclature and synonyms, and is supplemented with photographs for help in identification. A total of 1256 taxa under 155 genera have been listed. The book depicts a concise history of orchid research in India, morphological diversity with illustrative photo plates, detailed recent classification followed by a brief analysis of the distribution of orchids in different phytogeographic regions in India. This book is the first-ever comprehensive census cum pictorial guide of Indian orchids, where each species has been provided with the correct name, protologue citation, basionym, synonyms and their citation, life form phenology, altitude and global distribution. The book also provides more than 775 photographs of species showcasing the diversity of orchids in India. All the information provided in the present book is based on methodical research by experienced scientists. This comprehensive and authentic inventory of Indian orchids will certainly be useful for students, researchers, amateurs, hobbyists, orchid growers, nature lovers, conservationists and policymakers. Contents Preface 1. Introduction 2. Brief historical background 3. Morphological diversity 4. Classification 5. Diversity and distribution 6. Analysis of orchid flora 7. Presentation of the text and photographs 8. Systematic enumeration and photographs 9. Excluded taxa 10. Generic name meaning References Index Addendum