One Soul Many Lives
Laxmana Dalmia
  • ISBN : 9789332704565
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Introduction. Foreword. 1. One Soul Many Lives. 2. The Devil and the Divine. 3. Sanctuaries. 4. Enemy Within. 5. Crossroads. 6. Keeping Afloat. 7. Heart Song. 8. New Beginnings. 9. Pot of Gold. 10. I Danced. 11. Phoenix... Rises from Ashes. 12. One Green Leaf. 13. 7 Deadly Sins. 14. Chess of the Gods. 15. Lies. 16. Broken Soul. 17. Be Gentle with Yourself. 18. Redemption. 19. The Hanged Man. 20. Alternate Universe. 21. Defeat. 22. Destiny. 23. Whatever will be, Will be!. 24. Grandmother. 25. The Tower of Babel. 26. Himalayan Truth. 27. A Lifespan. 28. Left Brain - Right Brain. 29. Journeys. 30. Shadow or Substance. 31. The Order of Things. 32. Confusion. 33. The Frozen Heart. 34. Nostalgia. 35. Garden of Eden. 36. Impulse. 37. Bonding. 38. Precious Moments. 39. Illusions. 40. The Power of Love. 41. Veneer. 42. Desire... Reborn. 43. Cocoon. 44. My Only Star. 45. First Love. 46. Conquering Darkness. 47. Fear. 48. Feet of Clay.49. Mourning. 50. Artist’s Profile. 51. Laxmana Dalmia. 52. Ashwini Pai Bahadur - Artspeaks India. One Soul Many Lives brings poetry and the visual arts in conversation with each other, evoking fresh readings of an age-old tradition, where text and image play off each other. Poetry, often gets lost in the cacophony of the current social milieu in our visual and auditory oriented society. Giving poetry a voice and a visual makes it more approachable. Besides, introducing poems through a natural coupling with a visual or auditory mode of expression, lends it a certain vigour and richness. Inspired by her unique life experiences, Laxmana’s poetry has an unpretentious and fresh quality that is both inspirational and pithy. A father is like a demi-god for a daughter. Laxmana Dalmia was no different. The first poem she penned in this book springs from the disillusionment and pain that occurs when she finds out that her father is not the ‘idol’ she had created but is a mere mortal with ‘feet of clay’