Nutraceutical Functional Foods in 2 Vols.
U. D. Chavan
  • ISBN : 9789351247821
  • year : 2017
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Food exists throughout the world, but the aspect of concern differ with location. The bulk of the population involved in food production, yet attainment of adequate amounts and kind of basic nutrients remains an ever-present problem. This book provides the reader with an overview of current developments in the nutraceutical functional foods. It contains general issues like definitions, legislation, assessment of nutraceutical functional foods, and consumer issues related to nutraceutical functional foods; nutraceutical functional foods and health including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and infectious diseases, and developing nutraceutical functional food products e.g. plant-, dairy-, meat-based, pro- and prebiotics, fibers etc. The book is very useful for both scientists and industry professionals working in the area of nutraceutical functional foods as it covers a variety of related disciplines from medicine and jurisprudence (legislation) to microbiology, food technology and nutrition.