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Newari English-Dictionay: Modern Language of Kathmandu Valley

Newari English-Dictionay: Modern Language of Kathmandu Valley

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Author:Thakur Lal Manandhar and Anne Vergati
ISBN 13:9788173201929
Subject:Books on Nepal

About the Book

The aim of the dictionary is to provide both the native speaker and the foreign scholar with a standard bilingual dictionary of Newari and English. As can be seen from this brief survey of the state of Newari Lexicography, a great deal of useful work has been done but three exists nothing like a great deal of use full work has been done but there exists nothing like a standard dictionary of the Newari language as it is spoken in Kathmandu Valley at the present times. Within the Newar lexicography has, to date, been a rather poorly patronized scholarly pursuits. A fair amount of work has been done in this field both by Newar scholars and by scholars from aboard; but relatively little of this work has found its way into print. The basic romantisation of words is phonological. The Nagari spelling suggests an acceptable standard; we are of course well aware of the fact that other spellings are in current usage. Cross-references are given for variant pronounciations. Some semantic cross-reference is also given for synonyms and antonyms.