Edited by Samten G Karmay and Yasuhiko Nagano
  • ISBN : 9788194393801
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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CONTENTS:- Preface / Y. Nagano. 1. Introduction / S.G. Karmay. I. Bon and its relationship to Buddhism: 1. The study of Bon in the west: past, present and future / P. Kvaerne. 2. Comparing treasuries: mental states and other mDzod Phug lists and passages with parallels in Abhidharma works by Vasubandhu and Asanga or in Prajnaparamita sutras: a progress report / D. Martin. 3. A preliminary comparison of Bonpo and Buddhist cosmology / K. Mimaki. 4. The 'Bon' dBal-mo Nyer-bdun ( / brgyad) and the Buddhist dBang-phyug-ma Nyer-brgyad: a brief comparison / H. Blezer. II. rDzoags-chen doctrines: 1. The lo rgyus chen mo is the collection of the Ye khri mtha' sel attributed to Dran-pa-nam-mkha' / D Rossi. 2. Authenticity, effortlessness, delusion and spontaneity in the 'The authenticity of open awareness and related texts' / A.C. Klein. III. Myths and rituals: 1. Mandala visualization and possession / M. Tachikawa. 2. The mKha' klong gsang mdos: some questions on ritual structure and cosmology / A.M. Blondeau. 3. The secular surroundings of a Bonpo ceremony: games, popular rituals and economic structures in the mDos-rgyab of Klu-brag monastery (Nepal) / C. Ramble. 4. Victory banners, social prestige and religious identity: ritualized sponsorship and the revival of Bon monasteries in Amdo Shar-khog / M. Schrempf. 5. Bon, Buddhist and Hindu life cycle rituals: a comparison / H. Ishii. 6. A comparative study of the yul lha cult in two areas and its cosmological aspects / S.G. Karmay. IV. Monasteries and lay communities: 1. The bla ma in the Bon religion in Amdo and Khams / Tsering Thar. 2. Bonpo family lineages in Central Tibet / Dondrup Lhagyal. 3. The bon deities depicted in the wall paintings in the Bon-brgya monastery / M. Mori. 4. Khri-brtan Nor-bu-rtse Bon monastery in Kathmandu / S. Yamaguchi. V. Bon in a wider context: 1. Sacrifice and lha pa in the glu rol festival of Reb-skong / S. Nagano. 2. The Indus Valley civilization and early Tibet / G. Samuel. 3. Kharamshing: an antidote against evil / Ugyen Pelgen. 4. Space, territory, and a Stupa in Eastern Nepal: exploring Himalayan themes and traces of Bon / B. Bickel. Indexes. Bon is one of the pre-Buddhist religions of Tibet. It has been defined in a variety of ways, but regardless of how we define it, we can properly say that its culture has penetrated Tibetan culture from ancient times to the present day. For our deeper understanding of Tibetan culture, Bon is thus indispensable. This volume is a part of the results of the International Symposium entitled New Horizons in Bon Studies held in 1999 at the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan. The purpose of this symposium was to discuss the Bon related themes from all aspects, such as anthropology, folklore, Buddhist studies, religious studies, cosmology, philology and linguistics to establish interfaces among various disciplines and to construct a common groundwork for the Bon studies. The edited fruits of the symposium are shown in this book, which are categorized as Bon and its relationship to Buddhism, rDzogs-chen, myths and rituals, social and anthropological approach to the Bonpo monasteries and their lay communities, and above all Bon in a more wider context. The linguistic studies on Zhangzhung and related Himalayan languages will separately appear as the next issue of this series.