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Nepal Worldview (2 Volumes Set) Volume One Foreign Policy Volume Two Diplomacy

Nepal Worldview (2 Volumes Set) Volume One Foreign Policy Volume Two Diplomacy

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Author:Madhu Raman Acharya
ISBN 13:9788187393054
Subject:Books on Nepal

About the Book

Contents: Vol. I: Foreign Policy: Preface. I. Foreign policy environment: 1. Making of the worldview. 2. In the changing world order. 3. In the jungle of theories. 4. The foreign policy in a flux. 5. In the strategic space. 6. Defending the national interests. II. Nepal in the region: 7. The elephant in the room. 8. Enter the dragon. 9. The extended neighbourhood. 10. The triangular tantrums. 11. Immediate neighbours first. 12. In the least integrated region. III. Nepal’s relations with major countries of the world: 13. The omnipotent uncle sam. 14. Influence of the old guards. 15. Everything but arms. 16. Reaching out to the world. IV. Nepal in international organizations and issues: 17. A shining example. 18. Helmets from the Himalayas. 19. Staying out of Alliances. 20. The international instruments. 21. In the international radar. 22. The humanitarian handlings. 23. A world without weapons. Vol. II: Diplomacy: V. Nepal’s Diplomacy: 24. An instrument of national power. 25. From Munsis to Mandarins. 26. Give and take process. 27. Mingling multilaterally. VI. Economic and development diplomacy: 28. Selling the economic potential. 29. Embracing economically. 30. Exiting the “poor Man’s club”. 31. The prisoner of geography. 32. Developing together. 33. In the Bretton woods. 34. Nepal’s development diplomacy. 35. In the global trading framework. 36. Capturing the white gold. 37. Begging with a golden bowl. 38. Nepalis beyond borders. References. In this insightful book spanning over two volumes dedicated to Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomacy, the author explores how Nepal and its people as a nation articulate their “worldview” in the sense of telling the world about who they are, what their interests are, what they stand for, what they can offer and what they need from others and how they interact with others. In doing so, the author examines Nepal’s foreign policy and diplomacy, including the dynamics in its neighbourhood and beyond in the changing domestic, regional and international circumstances. The book also makes a sober assessment of Nepal’s geopolitical, economic and cultural antecedents and dynamics in relation to its external environment.