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Nepal India China Relations in the 21st Century

Nepal India China Relations in the 21st Century

Author:Shambhu Ram Simkhada
ISBN 13:9789937080330
Subject:Books on Nepal

About the Book

Nepal’s location between India and China is a fact of geography. China and India are both changing, and Nepal too is experiencing far-reaching changes. This is also a reality. Historically, Nepal has been the meeting point of two great civilizations, and today the central Himalayas is one of the epicenters of an impending global paradigm shift. A small nation between two big powers is considered to be ‘revenge of geography. Translating revenge into reward requires political skill and diplomatic ability to manage relations with emerging and current superpowers. Will ‘rising China’ and ‘Shining India’ go the way of other great powers as they march forward to attain the status anticipated of them in the future?