Mycorrhizae in Sustainable Agriculture
Dr Himangsu Santra
  • ISBN : 9789388879538
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Mycorrhizae are indigenous to soil and plant rhizosphere and probably the most important agents for sustainable agriculture. They enhance the growth of a root-system and increase both root and shoot biomass and often control certain plant diseases. Mycorrhiza plays a mesmerizing role in the survivability of plant system in both biotic and abiotic stress condition Mycorrhizal fungi improve plant vigor and soil quality by using the greater surface area. The hyphae of these fungi extend out into the soil, secrete extracellular enzymes and efficiently absorb the maximum amount of available nutrients and deliver these nutrients back to the plant inside the root cell wall. They play a crucial role in plant nutrient uptake, water relations, ecosystem establishment, plant diversity, and the productivity of plants. Scientific research in this field involves multi-disciplinary approaches to understand adaptation of mycorrhizae to the rhizosphere, mechanism of root colonization, effect on plant physiology and plant growth, bio-fertilization, plant resistance, bio-control of plant pathogens.