Multidisciplinary Handbook of Social Exclusion and Human Rights
Edited by Swati Chakraborty and Dr D C Nanjunda
  • ISBN 13 : 9789385161230
  • year : 2016
  • language :
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This widespread and sensible publication aims to be a vital reference source, develop a relevant literature in the field of human rights study and exclusion policy research while the globe is burning with the issues of discrimination and violation. It is anticipated that this text will provide a relevant venture for researcher, curriculum developers, policy makers and educators. It will also helpful in the entire sectors who are devoted for human rights across the globe. Contributors provided their own area of research paper to the broader aspect of topics relating to social exclusion, inclusion and human rights likewise: Meaning and Concept of Social Exclusion, Meaning and concept of Inclusion, Meaning and concept of Human Rights, Political, Economic and Cultural rights, Holistic Human Rights Approach, Social Networking and Inclusiveness, Case studies in different dimension of human rights and social exclusion, Modules on Inclusive education, Policy making and Exclusion, Policy making and Inclusion, Policy making and Human Rights, Human Rights awareness and Inclusiveness. A collection of research papers are initiated and have been coordinated as a comprehensive work by the editors with this Multidisciplinary Handbook of Social Exclusion and Human Rights. The target audiences are educators, teacher trainees, policy makers, academicians, researchers, curriculum developer, higher level students, social activist, and government officials. They will find this text useful in extending their research exposure to significant topics in human rights and social exclusion and assisting in furthering their own research efforts in this field. Smt. SWATI CHAKRABORTY is Assistant Professor of Women Studies in Schoolguru. She is a PhD Research fellow in Human Rights with UGF-NET and attached with National Human Rights Commission,India as a Research Consultant. She is also a member of executive council at National Centre for Inclusive growth and Development Research (NCDR), Mysore. She had completed B.A (Hons.), M.A from University of Calcutta with 1st class. Smt. Chakraborty had a good teaching expertise as Lecturer in The English College, Calicut, Kerala. Also she is guest editor of some reputed journals and editor of book named TRIBAL DEVELOPMENT and Gender Identity and Roles in India: Issues and Challenges. She is Asst. Editor at the International Journal of Sociology, Social Anthropology and Social Policy and Council Representative at The World Peace Committee in India. She has taken part in various seminars, conferences and workshops at National and International level and published many articles in noted journal. She is associated with various NGOs and development agencies at worldwide. Dr. D.C. NANJUNDA is currently working at Centre For The Study Of Social Exclusion And Inclusive Policy as Associate Professor, University Of Mysore. He has Done P.hD in Anthropology form University of Mysore. He has published many books with his own credit and interdisciplinary articles and in various National and Internationale journals. Also he enthusiastic for community development programme with his own NGO. He successfully conducted more than 25 National and International and National conferences, seminars and workshops as convenor and coordinator.