Mouse Invaders: The Exciting Escapades of Arvee the Mouse
  • ISBN : 9789388322331
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 17.00
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Arvee is back at Paradise Villa after his round-the-world travels! But his friend Ellie and her family are in deep trouble in their garden home. The Shrew Police are in control, with their hateful rules and bullying ways. And what's worse - baby mice have been regularly vanishing from their homes. Worst of all is the slithering terror that haunts Lantana Mouse Enclave. Something huge, black and...smelly. Desperate to help his friends, Arvee plunges into the fray. But the unexpected arrival of Cutie Pie, a glamorous mouse from his home laboratory, overturns his plans. In the fight between the tiny and the mighty, even a small slip can be very risky. Will Arvee be able to save his buddies, or has he nibbled off more than he can possibly chew?