Miller's Church History : From First to Twentieth Century (3 Vols) Contents: vol. 1. xii, 352 p. ISBN: 9789351480730. vol. 2. xii, 353-712 p. ISBN: 9789351480747. vol. 3. xii, 713-1091 p. ISBN: 9789351480754.
Andrew Miller.
  • ISBN : 9789351480723
  • year : 2015
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This 3-vol. work begins with the history at the time of Christ and St. Paul, moves through centuries till the end of twentieth century. The prime focus of this presentation is to outshine the importance of evangelism and religious education rather than providing mere history. In fact, the author wrote these short papers on Church history at different points, compiled them, and hence, these volumes. The work is unparalleled as it comprehensively covers biblically solid review of the Church history and not just history of the Christian religion from a Roman Catholic perspective. It interweaves history right from the first planting of the Church, thereby, depicting condition of seven general eras of Church History from the time of Apostles. Inter-alia, Vol. 1 starts its voyage with the Rock Foundation till the Pontificate of Gregory VII; Vol. 2 begins with the Crusades and ends with detailing the scenario of the Council at Bologna; Vol. 3 outsets the Popish Refutation at first instance, then moves ahead to describe the state of affairs in ending years of the twentieth century with its last chapter titled `The Last Fifty Years', which mainly found removed from many printings of this elegant work. This ecclesiastical history equipped with Appendices and Indexes, aims to connect Christ and His word, so that the readers may receive the truth, blessing and grace, to their respective souls. This all time classic is a must buy for Historians, Christian Religious Scholars, Educationalists, Christian Laity, Church Clergies, Researchers and Students, alike.