Microbes for Huankind and Applications
Deepak Kumar Malik, Meenu Rathi, Rajesh Kumar and Divya Bhatia
  • ISBN 13 : 9789389569018
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbounde
There is a steady communication of microbes in the human life, scientific community updating their knowledge about microbes. The association between microbes and humans is very diverse. This book “Microbes for Humankind and Applications” will be a novel and useful collection of large applications of microbes in differentes areas like food, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, medical, agriculture, environment, industry etc. The idea is to compile a reference book in various aspect of microbes application, that will help the life science researchers. Our aim is to make available a massive variety of topics related to microbes within a single book. The all chapters bring advanced information with current references. We will focus on topics that are presently challenging with applications of microbes. Contents: Preface v 1. Development of Probiotic Functional Foods as Novel Attentiveness for Human Health and Disease Management using Fermentation Technology 1 Surbhi Panwar, Saurabh Jain, K Siddaardha Duggirala, Ashok Kumar Yadav and Ashwani Kumar 2. Microbial Enzymes and its Applications: Bacterial Calpain as a Possible Member of GRAS Family in Meat Industry 13 Prachi Gupta and Ashwani Mittal 3. Emerging Environmental Pollutant: Classification, Detection and Risk Assessment 25 Dharmender Kumar and Sunil Chopra 4. Microbes as a Source of Therapeutic Natural Products 33 Divya Bhatia, Ritu Saini, Harnek Singh Saini and Deepak Kumar Malik 5. Impact of different Microorganisms as a Biofertilizers on Yield and Nutrient Content of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under Intercropping System 49 M.H. Dar, N. Singh and F.A. Khan 6. Foodborne Pathogens and their Biological Control: A Review 59 Ram Kumar Pundir, Pranay Jain, Vikas Sharma and Viraj K. Mishra 7. Optimized Production of Crude Cellulase and Xylanase Enzymes from Bacillus subtilis through Response Surface Methodology 73 Chakarvati Sango and Jitender Sharma 8. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR): A Sustainable Approach for Managing Soil Fertility and Crop Productivity 97 Satyavir Singh Sindhu and Ruchi Sharma 9. Microbial Enzymes with Industrial Potential 131 Harnek Singh Saini, Ritu Saini, Naveen Bedi, Rajesh Kumar and Divya Bhatia 10. Xylanases: Microbial Sources and Applications 143 Sri Kant Kaushik, Vikas Beniwal and Mukesh Kumar 11. Application of Microbes in Pharmaceutical Industries 165 Diksha Sharma, Mona Piplani, Archana Sharma, Mamta Dhamija and Prabodh Chander Sharma 12. Gut Microbiome as a Determinant of Health and Disease: An Appraisal 179 Priyanka Sharma 13. Endophytic Microbes as Biological Factories of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites: An Integrative View 199 Priyanka Sharma and Pranay Jain 14. Metagenomics: Mining the Untapped Environments 221 Mandeep S. Multani, P.K. Sharma and Ranjana Bhatia 15. Effects of Probiotics in Diabetes Mellitus: A Review 235 Shikha Jaggi 16. Microbial Urease: Target Molecule in Medicine and Agriculture 245 Neha Sikri, Manoj Kumar and Sunita Dalal* 17. Scope of Laccase for the Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds and Functionalization of Biopolymers 255 Vikas Sharma, Digvijay Singh and D. Vasanth Index 267