Methods in Environmental Analysis Water, Soil and Air (Second Edition)
P K Gupta
  • ISBN 13 : 9788177543087
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Environment and development are the two sides of a coin. Developmental activities e.g., industrial, agricultural, transportation, constructional work, etc., cause degradation and drastic changes in every component of environment namely. Hydrosphere (water), lithosphere (soil) and atmosphere (air) through pollution. In order to recognize and predict hazardous effects of pollutants, the scientific monitoring of these environmental components is essential. For this purpose, the quantitative characterization of water, soil and air is the prerequisite, It gives us an idea about the seriousness of pollution in these three environmental components. This would also help in focusing on the extent to which pollution control is required and generate real concern among policy planners. Book are available on different aspects of pollution and environmental engineering, but literature and environmental engineering, but literature regarding methods of quantification of pollutants and characterization of water, soil and air is meager. This text is a compilation of some tested and widely used analytical methods of characterizing water, soil and air from environmental pollution point of view. The text is divided into sixteen chapters and two appendices dealing with procedures quantilying various physical. chemical and biological aspects. The introductory part of water soil and air as a component of environment is also included in a simple and explanatory manner to give better insight of the subject. Hopefully, the technical information contained herein will prove useful to students, teachers, scientists and analysts studying/working in the field of biological and applied sciences, more specifically, in the fields of Environmental Science, Ecology, Plant Science, Forestry, Soil Science, Agronomy, Horticulture, Geology and Hydrology Contents: The Environment Water as a Component of Environment Water: Collection of Samples Water Analysis: Physical Water Analysis: Chemical Water Analysis: Biological Soil as a Component of Environment Soil - Collection and Preparation of Samples Soil Analysis - Physical Soil Analysis - Chemical Soil Analysis - Biological Air as a Component of Environment Air: Collection of Samples Air Analysis: Physical Air Analysis: Chemical Air Analysis: Microbiological Appendix 1: Laboratory Help Appendix 2: Advanced Analytical Techniques Appendix 3: Common Commercial Concentrations of Acids and Ammonium Hydroxide Reference