Memorable Memories of Bhutan: Land of the Drukpas
Jaiwanti Dimri
  • ISBN : 9789388766210
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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These are some true stories from Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon. Raw stories served on the platter without a pinch of salt, sugar or spice in them. Facts are stranger than fiction. I never felt it so strongly as in Druk Yul. The valleys in East Bhutan looked like an idyllic landscape painting. So are the stories – perfect, complete in themselves that do not need any brush of extra shade or colouring in them. Ripe, juicy fruits falling down right into the hands of the path-walkers. So are they offered to the readers – fresh and juicy with the flavour of the trees and the flowers, the air and the sky, the streams and the rivers and the valleys and the mountains where they grew and blossomed! About the Author: Jaiwanti Dimri is a bilingual writer, translator and academic. An author of more than a dozen books, her short stories have been published in literary journals, anthologized and translated in English and a few Indian regional languages. Her enriching experience of two-year stay in Bhutan is revisited and recreated in Memorable Memories of Bhutan : Land of the Drukpas. Spending time between her hometown Mussoorie, and Shimla she finds affinity with the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.