Mastering Leadership the Mousetrap Way: The Proven Path that makes you the leader others will admire and follow
Manoj Vasudevan
  • ISBN : 9789811100765
  • year : 2016
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
$ 19.00
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Based on the author's research and years of experience working with and coaching leaders, he demonstrates there are two types of leaders. On one side we have Leaders by Birth – those who are born to lead. On the other side we have – Leaders by Design – those who figure out how to lead. Most leaders we admire today were not born to lead. They learned some skills, behaviours, and mindset that under the right circumstances, transformed them from ordinary persons to extraordinary leaders. Using the simple but profound analogy of the Mousetrap, this book presents an integrated and innovative working model to position you to be the leader others will admire and follow. Packed with practical leadership strategies, techniques and tips, this book will equip you to: • re-orient your leadership focus and that of your team • infuse your ideas in a way that stirs others to action • increase ownership, reduce conflicts and enhance collaboration • build teams that buzz with interest, enthusiasm and productivity • prepare your Mousetrap Pact that accelerates your progress