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Lessons in Practising Yoga

Lessons in Practising Yoga

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Author:Vidya Sagar Verma
ISBN 13:9789353220143
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Yoga and meditation

About the Book

Lessons in Practising Yoga’ is a comprehensive book on the philosophy of Yoga and how to practise it. Yoga is the workshop of Indian Philosophy and the soul of Indian Culture. For the proper understanding of what Yoga is and what its purpose is, the book covers, in detail, the whole gamut of Indian philosophy comprising the Trinity of God, Soul and Nature and the Triad of Bondage of Karma, Reincarnation of Soul and Liberation. Ashtanga Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali is essentially a spiritual discipline. Accordingly, the book lays due emphasis on Moral Discipline and Meditation. The book contains tips as to how to elevate oneself spiritually and how to meditate apart from how to do the Yoga-asanas and Pranayama exercises. The book is replete with relevant quotations of renowned philosophers and scientists as also references from the scriptures of major Religions of the world. The book stresses the universality of Yoga, stating that Yoga is both spiritual and secular. Those who meditate on material subjects attain knowledge of worldly matters as did Newton discover the Law of Gravity. And those who meditate on spiritual matters, advance spiritually as did Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, Swami Vivekananda and Yogi Aurobindo Ghosh. Rev. Albert Mohler Jr. said ‘You may be twisting yourself into pretzels or grass hoppers, but if there is no meditation or direction of consciousness, you are not practising Yoga’.