LEADERSHIP ALCHEMY: How Spiritual Intelligence Can Transform Your Life
Maiken Piil
  • ISBN : 9789390918645
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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ELEVATE YOUR LEADERSHIP WITH THE LIMITLESS POWER OF SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE. Get on a transformational journey to discover your true essence and awaken new inner resources to achieve your fullest potential through spiritual intelligence. In Leadership Alchemy, successful and visionary leaders from around the world share their powerful and personal transformational stories of developing spiritual intelligence, how it has impacted their lives, their leadership, and changed both how and what they are able to achieve for themselves and their organizations—and ultimately our shared existence. Denmark-based leadership expert Maiken Piil has created an easy and practical framework for understanding spiritual intelligence and devised game-changing tools to develop and apply this intelligence to your life and leadership. The book will help you unleash the power of intuition for better decision-making and make you thrive in uncertainty in almost magical ways. Leadership Alchemy shows how our personal evolution determines our leadership capabilities to take charge of our own lives and also lead others. It is your guidebook to unleashing the power of your spiritual intelligence to create a more thriving existence.