Law & Practice on Medical Education Volume ll (Legal Handbook Series on Education)
Edited by Dr N L Mitra
  • ISBN : 9789391345709
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Education is becoming one the important sectors attracting investments, national and foreign, public and private. For quite some time the legal profession is facing challenges for providing legal analysis in multiplicity of laws aplied in any one issue in absence of a dependable Manual in the sector of Education covering all related Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Directives, Circulars, Guidelines, and Case Laws. This is an attempt to fill in the vacuum. Since investment, income and expenses on education are comparatively low in India compared to that in a developed country, education has been 'out-sourced'to educational institutions of Developed World especially to USA, UK, Australia and Canada. West European Countries are also in reckoning at a rapid rate. Russia and China have also now come forward to throw opportunities. Those who can afford to pay, send out their children to these advanced countries for higher education. India also used to receive a large number of students from African and West Asian states. It is true that only in higher education more than two hundred thousnad students go to foreign countries especially in USA, UK Australia, Canada, China and EU every year. The number is rapidly increasing Foreign Education Fairs are organized in the country in almost all major cities, Receanatly, Russia, China and Japan also are in the list of outsource activity from India in education. Legal profession of the country has been regularly served by British education since colonial days. In the recent past, complicated issues are being raised. As for example, in the first instance a leading foreign Medical College wanted to know whether the College can have a Indian Institution, a leading Hospital and Health service complex to host its Afro-Asian students for jointly running health and medical education with the assistance of technology of modearn teaching-learning method, supplyof study materials and sending occasionally some faculty from abroad. They have to however take the medical degree examination in the home centre of the Medical College and degree would also be conferred by the said Foreign University. A Student would have the facility of reduced cost on boarding & lodging. Medical education cost may also considerably be reduced the for classes to be engaged by Indian faculty, extending hospital training, internship with equal or even more efficient facilities. Can the dialogue continue? or say in another instance, can one Engineering college of a developing or least developed country after selecting their students send them to any Indian Engineering College to run the course for and on behalf or the foreign University, say in courses like Computer Science, Electronic & Telecommunication or say, architecture. The course would be run entirely by the Indian Institution wtih all back office and certification operations but the degree would be conferred by the University of the Outsourcing Country. Can an Engineering College be started for the program? India has multi-regulatory framework as well as a very strong public policy stand of Central and State Government.