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Kundalini Yoga for All: Unlock the Power of Your Body and Brain

Kundalini Yoga for All: Unlock the Power of Your Body and Brain

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Author:Kamini Bobde
ISBN 13:9780143451181
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Yoga and meditation

About the Book

Kundalini, the primordial energy resides in all of us, lying dormant at the base of our spines. Very few know the secret of how to arouse it from its slumber. But now with the world familiar with yoga and its efficacy, the custodians of this knowledge have thought it prudent to open the doors to hitherto secret practices and reveal the what, why and how of Kundalini practice. Kundalini Yoga for All will take you through this journey with explanations of the various stations you will encounter. Starting with cleansing and tuning your body to the step-by-step guide of your daily Kundalini yoga practice, this book will empower you to experience your highest potential in brain, body and awareness to meet all challenges of life with equanimity and experience bliss which is every human's birthright. Take this exciting journey within to discover the divine energy, so you can enhance every sphere of your life-professional, personal and spiritual. About the Author Kamini Bobde is a Kundalini practitioner and spiritual aspirant who follows the Swami Satyananda tradition of yoga. She has conducted Yoga and Kundalini camps in Germany, Tanzania, Vapi, and Kund in the Himalayas. People practicing with her have not only experienced relief from depression, migraine, PCOD, cancer management, but have reported overall feeling of joy, love and better productivity. The author is herself a good example of the spirituality which can be practised even as you go about your worldly life. She has been a journalist who traveled with erstwhile PM Narasimha Rao when he visited the USA in 1994, taught Media Research for over a decade at the St Xavier's Institute of Communication, Bombay, and now has her own business. She has a YouTube channel on yoga and writes a blog, Yogabhakti.