Kouna Cultivation in Manipur: Schoenoplectus Lacustris (LINN) PALLA
Dr. Kh. Jugindro Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789383684328
  • year : 2016
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
Manipur has vast potential of natural resources for establishment of large, medium and small-scale industries, while on the other hand; the state is still economically and industrially very backward in the country. The purpose of this book is to review the relevant and contrasting views on the plentiful resources of the state, which are not properly tape-out to fulfil our requirement. The present work is purely an approach to make understand the importance of kouna plant, frees gifts of nature that earned money with less expenditure, infrastructure and a sustainable resource. The plant requires less expenditure in cultivation, infrastructure of manufacturing of its variable artistic items and highly profitable. Once planted, it can produce more than 30-35 years, if properly maintained and can be harvest thrice a year. The book contains two parts: Part I-Manipur as a whole and Part II-kouna cultivation and economic importance. Part I- focuses on Physiography, demography, economics, transport and communication of Manipur. Part II is the Kouna (Water rush) cultivation, Economic importance, Comparative studies of kouna and paddy cultivation. This book would immensely be helpful for agricultural Scientists, planners, teaching communities, and of course in the researchers.