KINNAUR IN THE HIMALAYAS: Mythology to Modernity
S C Bajpai
  • ISBN : 9788170221807
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Kinnaur in the Himalaya a remote district bordering on the Tibetan region of China and Inhabited by the picturesque Kinner people. Celebrated in myth and legent, the Kinner are a simple folk who dwell happily amidst the rigours of an inhospitable climate and a difficult terrain. Traders, shepherds and agriculturists, theirs was a polyandrous society which is undergoing a change today due to the encroachment of modern civilization. And it is in this context that Dr. Bajpai, has attempted a multi-disciplinary study which is also chronological. He has lived among them and has tried to depict their folkways and customs, rites and rituals, boliefs and superstitions thus giving us a rounded picture of the golden-voiced Kinner. A valuable addition to the meager literature on Himalayan peoples which should be of interest to students of anthropology, sociology and history. The lay reader will be equally fascinated by this account of a hill people in this land full of diversities.