Kathakali Dance-theatre: A Visual Narrative of Indian Sacred Mime
K. K. Gopalakrishnan
  • ISBN : 9789385285011
  • year : 2016
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Kathakali Dance-Theatre records the art of Kathakali comprehensively, right from the scenario that paved the way for Kathakali's origin and development to its present history. The book chronicles its various facets - the acting, music and costumes, crucial contributions of the masters, momentous incidences, evolution of styles, riveting anecdotes, and related socio-political issues affecting Kerala. The firsthand personal rendition of the author's experience and the detailed glossary make it immensely readable. Full of photographs depicting the masters of the art, green room activities and the vibrant theatre of Kathakali, this book will be a treasure trove of information for uninitiated readers, arts scholars, theater buffs, potential researchers and students keen about the art and its future. Contents: Foreword; Preface; Charts: Evolution and Transformation of the Art Part I: Introduction: The Land and its Vivid Culture; Part II: A Personal Journey of Discovery, Chapter 1: Poor Man's Rich Legacy; Part III: Perspectives on the Origins and Development of Kathakali, Chapter 2: Traditions in the Arts of Kerala before the Emergence of Kathakali; Chapter 3: Krishnanattam and the Metamorphosis of Ramanattam into Kathakali; Chapter 4: Emergence of Kathakali; Chapter 5: Evolution of Styles in Kathakali: Two Distinctive Traditions; Chapter 6: Three Regional Patrons of the Kaplingatan School as the Southern Style; Chapter 7: Two Legendary Masters; Kathakali and the Natyashastra; Chapter 8: Kathakali's Development and Changing Patronage: Kerala Kalamandalam; Part IV: The Artistic Form of Kathakali, Chapter 9: Abhinaya in Kathakali; Chapter 10: Physical Acting, the Aangika Abhinaya; Chapter 11: Kathakali Sangeetam, the Vaachika Abhinaya; Chapter 12: Costuming, the Aahaarya Abhinaya; Chapter 13: Subtle Acting, the Saatwika Abhinaya; Chapter 14: Percussion and its Role in Abhinaya; Chapter 15: Performance, Theatrical Language, Dramatisation and Variations in Interpolative Acting; Part V: Present Trends and Future Possibilities, Chapter 16: Kathakali: Post-Independence and Present Prospects; Appendices: Women in Kathakali; Kaliyogams.