Karunda : The Vanished Empire
Kumar Mihirendra Pratap Singh Deo
  • ISBN : 9781946280879
  • year : 2016
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Kārunda The Vanished Empire reflects the history of Kārunda-Chakrakota (Kalahandi and Bastar State), the virgin land of history and archaeology. The book involves thirty-five years of research work with new historical facts, interpretations of history and the archaeology of Kārunda. The Cave Paintings, the Legends of the Stone Seals and the Gold Coin are deciphered by the author and reflected with new interpretations. The ultimate Shape of the Lord Jagannath has been proved archaeologically in 'The Shape of the Brahman'. 'The Vanished Yonī Rituals' is a study on ethno-archaeology. 'The Riverine and Maritime Trade of Madanpur - its Relation with Kalinga and South-East Asia' reflects a new hypothesis and archaeologically proves that the hinterland of Kalinga had a riverine and maritime trade relation with South-East Asia. 'The Sword of Asurgarh' is a comparative study with the fort of Qatna near Babylon. The book attempts to decipher the mysterious rituals of the Sixty-Four Yoginī Cult and it concludes with the secret rituals of the Stonehenge in UK. The cultural heritage of Kārunda reflects the existence of Buddhism and the influence of Tantric Rituals.