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Kartikeya: The Destroyer

Kartikeya: The Destroyer

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Author:Anuja Chandramouli
ISBN 13:9788129149114
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Gods and Goddesses

About the Book

Unravel the puzzle that is the mysterious and misunderstood son of Mahadeva KARTIKEYA.Kartikeya was born from the flames of a desperate need, an ardent desire and an utmost devastation. In him was distilled the terrible powers of Mahadev, at its fiercest and most deadly. Although he fought many wars and slew many tyrants, yet his gifts to humanity have always been those of mercy, compassion and love. What makes this possible? For Kartikeya, there have always been more questions than answers. Did he really walk away from his family over a piece of fruit? What about the women in his life-was he the ravisher he is at times accused of being, or the protector of women? Was he the violent warrior who revelled in bloodlust, or a gentle family man? What was his relationship with his more popular sibling, Ganesha? Anuja Chandramouli weaves together myth, imagination and folklore while looking to answer these questions and recreates for modern readers the story of one of the most enigmatic gods Kartikeya.