Karmic City : The City of Lord Brahma Book One Paperback
Hema Myer Sood
  • ISBN 13 : 9789352120857
  • year : 2015
  • language :
  • binding :
She sat for a long time in a pensive mood evaluating the unusual events of the last hour. She pondered upon the startling fact, which the Soul had explained to her about the existence of subtle bodies. She ran a hand lightly around her, happy with the idea of their presence. She walked to the large window, which overlooked the nearby road. In the fading twilight she observed people walking past, wondering if their auras would be enhanced by the auras of other passers-by. A whole new world of subtle forms and energies was revealed to her in a few sentences by the Soul. She involuntarily hesitated to take her first step into experiencing the vast mysteries of the infinite cosmos. She looked up and noticed a distant star twinkling. She inexplicably felt an innate part of her reach out and strive to touch the distant star. Confused, she tried to consciously draw her feelings back, aware this conversation on spirituality could create a sudden upheaval in her staid, pragmatic life-style. Soon she was dismally aware that she was unable to comprehend her ethereal inner self, which effortlessly reached out to merge with the twinkling stars. She slowly sank down into her rocking chair trying to gauge the depth of her turbulent inner emotions, which were resisting her control. Suddenly, a flash of intuition whispered to her, that her destiny would dramatically alter, taking her to new spiritual heights. Taken aback by this unprecedented revelation, the vicious struggle temporarily subsided. She became aware of the stark reality that she had inadvertently tried to suppress her inner flight by her external value sys-tem, which stemmed from traditional beliefs. The moment she consciously let go, she felt an indescribable peace saturate her mind. She took a few deep breaths to calm her restless mind and she lost awareness of her external surroundings. She entered a deep meditative state as her turbulent emotions quietened.