Kama Darshan
Morari Bapu
  • ISBN : 9789352666393
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This is a book format compilation of the Ram Katha, Manas-Kama Darshana. The aim is to achieve a comprehensive in-depth understanding about Kama. Kama in this context has played a very crucial role. Although man has somewhat succeeded in tapping into this vital energy, he is still seen at large, dancing around to the tunes of this strong emotion. Morari Bapu in his kathas has often stated, “There is no need to segregate sadhana from life. Rather, the whole life itself should be a sadhana.” He often advises his audience not to worry if vows become weak, but to make sure that our vrittis, propensities remain strong-willed. Bapu maintains that our every action—social work, work of art and learning—should have spirituality as the final goal. This needs to be taken as a way for the next level of human advancement. Bapu speaks on this vital subject of Kama with compassionate insight, trying to decode its mystery for our benefit. As Bapu says, “The vyasa peeth has to maintain its own grace and refinement.” With much sensitivity, this English translation of the katha is presented for the readers—a foray into the realm of human passions.