Jewels of Punjab: Leading Global Punjabi Personalities (Celebrating 350th Birth Anniversery Guru Sri Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj)
  • ISBN : 9788193397602
  • year : 2017
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Jewels of Punjab - Leading Global Punjabi Personalities is a biographical coffee-table book on the jubilant and determined Punjabi diaspora. It details on what the most successful Punjabis across the world think led them to success. A collection of inspirational journeys, it takes its readers through the experiences, the nerve with which the life changing decisions taken intuitively were executed by these spirited individuals.With this we hope to inspire and encourage the younger generation and others who are awaiting the right guidance to better themselves up, to the society at large, also to those who are willing to make a mark. The essence of this coffee-table book is to serve as a beacon of hope and confidence. - Read the biography of Air Chief Marshal of India Birender Singh Dhanoa, Daljit Thind. - Know what made Dr. Manmohan Singh one of the most learned economist. - Read the biography of Nikky Haley to know her better. - Here's the biography of Sant Singh Chatwal, the iconic hotelier-businessman of the USA, for you to seek inspiration from. And many more...