Jammu and Kashmir: A Battle for Perceptions
A S Chonker
  • ISBN : 9788194163442
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The resolution of the complex Jammu & Kashmir problem cannot be over-emphasized. However, a web of external and political-social-legal-economic factors within the country has created a knotty problem which require long term strategizing and a whole of the government approach to find solutions that improve the overall security situation and foster peace and prosperity. This book has tapped a vast knowledge bank and experience of various sections of society in the form of a Net Assessment. Based on these inputs, it has analyzed the perceptions of various actors and have come up with viable strategies for short, medium and long term. The author strongly believes that in the coming years the battle for Jammu and Kashmir will increasingly shift to the cognitive domain and perception management will be the key to success, hence through this book and the study he has attempted to identify each and every factor playing on the minds of the people of J&K with special reference to Kashmir. Over the years many books have been written on the situation in Kashmir, but most of them paint only the not so rosy picture that the state has gone through in the years of turmoil, almost certainly none give a roadmap with logic for solutions towards achieving peace and prosperity. This book is an attempt towards this end.