Jaina Studies: Proceedings of 2010 Panel in Matburg, Germany
Edited by Jayaandra Soni
  • ISBN : 9788177421132
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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DOT, the Deutsche Orientalistentag, is the German Oriental Studies Congress which, as the homepage (http://www.dot2010.de/) says, takes place every three years. It is the most prominent conference of Oriental Studies in Germany convened by the Deutsche Morgenlandische Gesellschaft (DMG). Researchers and academics from various disciplines of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies participate. It is open to all researchers and is not subject to membership in the DMG. The 31st DOT was held in Marburg, Germany, from 20th to 24th September 2010. This volume contains the papers read in the Jaina Panel there on 23rd September 2010 for the section `Indology and South Asian Studies'.;Contents: A Jain Assayer at the Sultans Mint. Thakkura Pheru and his Dravyapariksa by Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma; Genealogical Discourse and Jain Sectarian Promotion. Mantri Karmacandra-Vamsavali-Prabandha and the Kharataraªgacca by Nalini Balbir; An Example of Buddhist-Jainist Congruence in the Kalamasutta by Bhikkhu Pasadika; Composition Areas in Vidyanandin's Satyasasana-pariksa: the First Part of the uttarapaksa in the Chapter on Vaisesika by Himal Trikha; Jaina Epistemology Revisited: On Erroneous Cognition by Jayandra Soni; Is the Syadvada True Only From a Certain Point of View? by Anne Clavel; Jaina Haveli Temples in Northern India: Sources, Developªments and Ritual Use by Julia A. B. Hegewald; Interpreting New Literary Forms in Jain Medieval Literature: The Vibudhananda Play in Silanka's Novel Caupannaªmahapurisaªcariya by Christine Chojnacki and Basile Leclere; How to Combine the Brhatkatha with Jain World History-Reflections on Sanghadasa's Vasudevahindi by Anna Aurelia Esposito; Jinabhadra's Brhatsamgrahani and Malyagiri's Commentary on it by Sin Fujinaga; Remembering the Dead: Obituaries in Modern Jainism by Peter Flugel;