Issues White - Anting India: As an NRI Sees It Paperback
Bill K Koul
  • ISBN : 9789386473134
  • year : 2017
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Do Indians really care about India? questions Bill Koul, the author, an NRI who lives in Australia. With a rapidly increasing population, pollution, and irresponsible depletion of natural resources, India may potentially choke itself in the next couple of decades or so. He feels Mother India is struggling and cannot breastfeed any more people. Markets are flooded with adulterated fruits, vegetables and dairy products; fake and spurious medicines. The Indian tendency to show off their wealth with wasteful expenditure at weddings is fuelling consumerism and corruption, in the process eroding traditional human values and sincerity in social interactions. At the political level, he holds the current Kashmiri leaders responsible for compromising the lives of their future generations by inciting young children to pelt stones at the security forces in the name of religion. He feels history may never forgive them. All these issues seem to act as termites or white ants, potentially undermining the foundations of the country. The Mainu Ki (why should I bother?) attitude of the average Indian must be replaced by a direct approach