Edited by Geoffrey Nash Foreword by Glen T Martin
  • ISBN : 9789381461280
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Rashid Shaz is a versatile, thought-provoking writer, thinker and a polymath scholar of Islam. This reader is his attempt to unveil the hidden church in Islam. This volume with eleven sections comprising more than 700 pages, edited by Pr. Geoffre Nash and forwarded by Dr.Glin.T Martin president of the World Constitution and Parliament Association. (WCPA) is published by Milli Publications New Delhi. Rashid Shaz’s previous books and writings on the theme of understanding the decline of Muslims were a new voice in the study of the causes of the decline of Muslim Ummah, although there is certainly room for disagreement with some of his expressed ideas and views, Islam Another Chance is also a further elaboration and interpretation of the same analysis. Wherein the question is further investigated and new ideas are developed so that it can start a healthy dialogue in the Ummah. This book opens a new chapter of Islamic knowledge and unlocks a new window into the Quranic insights. The author has been commenting on different topics related to the main them of the book from time to time in Urdu and some writings have also appeared in English, but in this collection of his writings in English, many aspects of Shaz’s thought have been covered here in one place cumulatively, so this book should be taken as a scholarly beginning of a dialogue in the Ummah on the theme discussed in its pages and related issues raised in its chapters.