Introduction to Bar and Beverages
Mahendra Singh Negi
  • ISBN : 9789386768353
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Contents: 1.Introduction to the Bar. 2.Bar Designing. 3.Bar Glassware and Equipment. 4.Bar Condiments. 5.Introduction to Non-alcoholic Beverages. 6.Introduction to Distillation. 7.Beer. 8.Whisky/Whiskey. 9.Rum and Tequila. 10.Brandy. 11.Gin and Vodka. 12.Liqueurs. 13.Other Famous Spirits. 14.Introduction to Wine. 15.World Wines. 16.New World Wines. 17.Champagne. 18.Fortified Wines. 19.Aperitifs and Bitter. 20.and Wine Pairing. 21.Cocktails. 22.Cellar Management. 23.Tobacco. 24.Bar Licence. 25.Fruits, Nuts, Herbs and Spices. 26.New Trends in Bar. 27.Bar Set Up. 28.Presenting Beverage Menu. 29.Service of Non-alcoholic Beverages. 30.Service of Tea and Coffee. 31.Beer Service Procedure. 32.Service of Straight Drinks/Spirits. 33.Service of Wine (Red and White). 34.Service of Champagne/Sparkling Wine. 35.Service of Cocktails and Mocktails. 36.Service of Cigars/Cigarette Case Study. Index. The modern concept of the hotel is not just a place to provide accommodation and food and beverage but offering to its guest every possible facility, service and convenience. Apart from these services beverage service is a major component and an important part of hospitality industry. The book provides a guide for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages not only for the hospitality management students but also for industry professionals. The content, scope and application of this book are reflective of the best global practices in the field of bar operations from an organization and vis-a-vis customer's prospective. It also discusses the new trends in bar and drinks such as mixology, infusion, role of information technology and many more. With the help of SOPs compiled from various five-star hotels it will help students to understand the right procedures of serving types of beverages in bar and restaurant. Giving particular emphasis on bar, beverages, cocktail and their services, this book can be utilized by the personnel working in food and beverage service departments. Divided into two sections — theory aspects and practical aspects the book elaborates the theoretical knowledge about bar, wines, spirits, cocktails, tobacco and cellar management and in practical aspects the standard operating procedures of beverage services is focused, practicing these SOPs students can achieve excellence in the bar and restaurant service skills and would be able to understand: The role of bartender in the bar Duties and responsibilities of bartender Bar management skills Insight into various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages Cocktail making methods and recipe. Right procedure of serving drinks to the guest Identify various new trends in bar and restaurant industry.