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Integrated Management of Crop Diseases

Integrated Management of Crop Diseases

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Author:Edited by H K Chourasia and S K Choudhary
ISBN 13:9788170196211
Subject:Botanical Science

About the Book

Over the last few years, scientists have researched extensively on integrated pest management (IPM) as the viable alternative of pesticides for reduction of damage due to insect pests, pathogens and weeds in crop plants. This disease management strategy is bio-safe, environmental friendly, ecologically compatible and economically sound. Excellent biotechnological developments have taken place and a number of technologies are currently crossed the pilot tests for commercialization. More recently emphasis is given on the development of resistant varieties but sometimes the failure of resistant gene in a variety has been observed and hence the scientists are busy to manage the diseases by developing transgenic varieties in addition to regular hybridization. This proceedings volume of the International Conference will be of great help to solve the problems of crop disease management. The volume consists of 33 review articles / research papers on biotechnological approaches by well-known researchers throughout India on different crops.