Edited by Subhajyoti Das and R H Sawkar
  • ISBN 13 : 9789380998312
  • year : 2016
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
Table of Contents Preface Preface Open Access Harsh K. Gupta v-v Foreword Foreword Open Access Chiranjeevi Singh vii-vii Message Message Open Access P. B. Ramamurthy xi-xi Introduction Introduction Open Access Subhajyoti Das xiii-xiii Articles Ground Water Management, Sustainability and Equity Restricted Access G. Sudarshan, K. R. Sooryanarayana 1-8 The Indigenous Knowledge Systems of Water Management in India Restricted Access Rajendra Singh 9-17 Integrated Watershed Management and People’s Participation: A Case Study of Ichalahalla Watershed Restricted Access L. G. Hiregoudar, N. H. Bhandi, S. H. Adapur 18-23 Detailed Land Resources Inventory for Effective Planning of Land Based Rural Development Programs Restricted Access Rajendra Hegde, K. V. Niranjana, A. Natarajan, S. K. Singh 24-28 Soil Conservation, Crop Water Planning and its Use Efficiency in Rainfed Agriculture Restricted Access B. K. Ramachandrappa, M. N. Thimmegowda 29-35 Crop Water Planning and Irrigation Efficiency in Rainfed Agriculture Restricted Access Kiran Kumar, R. Patil, M. G. Chandrakanth 36-46 Water Management in Urban Scenario with Special Reference to Karnataka Restricted Access D. Ravishankar 47-51 Decentralised Sewage Treatment Plant in Bengaluru for Reuse Restricted Access Y. D. Manmohan 52-56 Citizens Demonstrate Solutions: Rainbow Drive Layout and its Water Reforms Restricted Access Avinash Krishnamurthy 57-65 Artificial Recharge in India as an Effective insitu Water Security Intervention: Studies in Two Select River Basins Restricted Access Raymond A. Duraiswami, V. Krishnamurthy, Babaji Maskare 66-75 Linking of West and East Flowing Rivers of Karnataka: Management of Surface Water and Groundwater in Drought Prone Areas Restricted Access R. H. Sawkar, R. Rudraiah, Madhav 76-86 Advanced Geophysical Investigation including Heliborne TEM in High-Resolution Aquifer Mapping with Special Emphasis on Crystalline Hard Rocks Restricted Access Subash Chandra, Erugu Nagaiah, N. Veerababu, N. C. Mondal, V. K. Somvanshi, Shakeel Ahmed 87-96 SkyTEM – A Highly Efficient Helicopter-Borne TEM System Restricted Access Sanjay Rana, Flemming Efferso, Gary Tipper 97-104 2D Resistivity Imaging for Identification of Successful Bore Well Locations in the Fractured Rock Aquifer System Restricted Access B. Prithvi Jayasurya, C. S. Ramasesha 105-110 Integrated Water Resource Management – Experiences from Karnataka Restricted Access Y. Lingaraju, K. R. Shettar, Nagraja Gangolli 111-118 Artificial Recharge Practices – Some Experimental Projects Restricted Access M. A. Farooqi, G. Sudarshan, K. R. Sooryanarayana, A. Manzar, J. Sivaramakrishnan 119-130 Integrated and Participatory Water Management: BIRD K Experience Restricted Access Pandit G. Patil, B. Shivarudrappa 131-136 Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water Resources: Selected Case Studies from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in Peninsular India Restricted Access A. D. Rao, P. N. Rao 137-144 Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water in India: Need to Revisit the Strategy Restricted Access J. Harsha 145-153 Efficient Water Management Techniques for Higher Agricultural Productivity: Case Studies from Northern Karnataka Restricted Access M. S. Shirahatti, S. Rajkumara, R. S. Poddar 154-158 Sustainable Water Management in Lakshadweep Islands: An Integrated Approach Restricted Access K. Md. Najeeb, N. Vinayachandran 159-167 Water Resources Management Challenges in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Restricted Access Amlanjyoti Kar, Asis Mazumdar, Subhasish Dey 168-177 Natural Disaster Monitoring System – Karnataka Model Restricted Access G. S. Srinivasa Reddy, C. N. Prabhu 178-187 Water Management in India: Issues and Strategies Restricted Access Subhajyoti Das 188-195 Abstract Volume Foundation Day Seminar - Integrated and Sustainable Water Management - Abstracts Volume Open Access