India\'s Elephants: A Cultural Legacy
Tripti Pandey
  • ISBN : 9780670089529
  • year : 2017
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Gentle in disposition, fierce in battle and beloved in festivals, across time, India's elephants have been synonymous with the ceremonial pomp of royalty as well as symbols of strength, production and majesty. Elephants have inspired idioms and games and have captured our fancy as evident in ancient temple architecture as well as Mughal miniatures. in India's Elephants: A Cultural Legacy, Tripti Pandey explores our fascination with this impressive creature, looking at myths and legends, anecdotes, religious symbolism, festivals and artwork that have featured the elephant prominently, as well as the allure this animal has had with the royals over the centuries. In this way, the thrill and magic of this magnificent creature will live on for time immemorial!