Indianization of Scientific Terms: Writings and Notes of the Late Prof. Raghu Vira (Satapitaka Series; 661)
Edited by posthumously by his son Lokesh Chandra
  • ISBN : 9788194538707
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Modern science has created around a million words in European languages. As India gained independence it became imperative to create terms for administration, industry, humanistic and scientific disciplines. It was a continuation of a long tradition of linguistic creativity. This book is a collection of the writeups of Prof. RaghuVira who was the prime `maker of Indian words'. The source languages of European terminologies Greek and Latin shared the same grammatical basis of word-formation from roots with prefixes and suffixes like Sanskrit the historical source language of India. Language as a process of evolution, creation of Japanese and Chinese terminologies, the linguistic reform in Turkish, rejuvenation of Hebrew, the development of Hindi as the official language, principles of coining Indian terms, the art of translation, improvement in Indian terms due to scientific advances, and several facets of the linguistic revolution in newly liberated countries can be read in this book in the very words of Prof. RaghuVira the creator of India's macrocosm of linguistic evolution. The book is a thrilling narrative of India's logos, with parallels from other lands.